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Fear Free


What Does Being 'Fear Free Certified' Mean? 

The Fear Free Veterinary Certification Program teaches veterinary healthcare professionals how to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress for happier patients, stronger client relationships, and safer veterinary healthcare teams. The staff at Heartland Veterinary Clinic has gone through the certification process so not only is our team knowledgeable about Fear Free protocols, but our clinic is in the process of going through new renovations to help pets be more comfortable here with us as well! 

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Fear Free - Happy Homes 

Fear Free 'Happy Homes' is a website that caters to you - the pet parent! They offer full (and FREE) access to an incredible library of content and educational videos, articles, and downloadable handouts to help you navigate all aspects of your pets life. They cover everything from puppy training to minimizing fear and anxiety at home. Please follow the link below to check out all they have to offer!

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